Coolant filling up the overflow jug and not sucking back within 12 hrs means your head gasket is toast. Anytime you replace a failed head gasket you will need to send the head out for machining unless you want to do it all over again in short period of time. CD. 2008.5 2500 QCSB 6.7L 4x4 SLT Bighorn 68RFE 285/70R17 3.73.
Cummins Isx15 Problems. You can fix this failure by replacing both the affected camshaft and the rockers. This campaign is being issued to address a potential oil leak from the lube oil filter on certain x15 x12 qsx15 qsm11 isx15 isx12n and ism11 engines. How To Avoid Potential Problems When Servicing Cummins Isx15 Fleet Maintenance.